EZ-Install Make Installation Easy



EZ-Install Make Installation Easy


Jovision Technology Co。, Ltd, one of the leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, introducing EZ-Install Series IP Cameras to the world。 Same as the name indicates, the EZ-Install makes installation easy。

 EZ-Install IPCs brand new state of the art circuit designed by Jovision engineers makes your cameras more reliable and durable. We use latest sensor technology, combined with advanced noise suppression in EZ-Install series IPC gives excellent light sensitivity. That makes our starlight cameras produce full color images in the darkness where other cameras have switched to black & white. When other cameras fail to show any image at all, starlight cameras are still capable of produce black & white images.



Jovision’s EZ-Install series camera makes your camera installation easy。 It saves your time and effort on difficult camera installation。 Advanced engineering design and universal adjustment structure with flip locking system of EZ-Install provides convenient adjustment and high reliability。 The 3-Axis design meets different installation requirements。  Junction box in the accessory for EZ-Install series IPCs。 It makes the cable management neat and clean。 Drilling big holes on the walls for the ethernet connectors is not necessary anymore!

 To make the installation completely easy, Jovision engineers developed JNVR for monitoring and managing EZ-Install cameras. JNVR is a PC based software for centralized monitoring, management and recording of Jovision IP Cameras with one key operation. With JNVR, all the network cameras in the local network can be automatically detected and listed without any IP configurations. The User-friendly GUI makes JNVR easy to use and make the whole installation easier.  


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